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Here’s some frequently asked questions about my Princess Pamper Parties, you may find the answer you need before contacting me to ask! 

Why do I pay a deposit?
I take a small non-refundable deposit to secure your date in my diary, I can then work my other appointments around your event. This also protects me from last-minute cancellations which would cause me a gap in my working day.

Does the party have to be in my home, or can I book a venue?
You are not restricted to a house party, I can also attend a venue of your choosing if you decide to book a room, for example a pub, social club or church hall. I can provide recommendations from experience, if required.

Do you provide food?
As my advert states, I do not provide catering. I provide a chocolate fountain with marshmallows, and a candy-floss machine. The kids can help themselves to the marshmallows, and the candy-floss machine is supervised due to hot moving parts.

Do you provide drink?
I will bring arrival drinks, these will be served in children’s pink flute glasses. Any additional beverages will be the responsibility of the event organiser.

What products do you use?
I am a Beauty Therapist and I only use professional products. I will not apply make-up to anyone with an infection such as conjunctivitis or cold sores. I use disposable brushes to apply lipstick which are thrown away after every use.

I’ve already booked a party for the given maximum amount of children, can I add additional invites?
Yes, but there will be a supplementary charge for each additional head – this will increase the length of the party due to additional treatments required, and extra chocolate, marshmallows and soft drinks needed.

Do you do the girls’ hair?
No, I am not a stylist – I offer and apply hair glitter only.

Can I book a photographer?
If you wish to hire a professional photographer, please feel free to do so at your own expense. We offer free photography throughout the party (with permission) and create a private Flickr album online, where only the person with the album link has visibility of the images.

Do you provide decorations?
Yes – I provide 4ft tall princess cut-outs, I have a Princess backdrop for photograph opportunities. (All photography is with 100% parental consent, arranged in advance.)

What entertainment can I expect?
There will be music, karaoke and a disco ball. We provide a game of pass-the-parcel with a main prize for the winner, (which has smaller gifts per layer). Depending on available time remaining, we can play musical statues. Other events are the responsibility of the event organiser.

Do the children have to get dressed up?
Dressing as Princesses has been immensely popular so far, but is purely optional. They will all have great fun regardless.

How much space do you need?
I bring a car full of equipment – I generally have two folding tables and two folding chairs, one table for the chocolate fountain & candy-floss machine, and one table for the ‘nail bar’ with make-up chair and light. Two tables aren’t always needed, as the machines and drinks can go in the kitchen area if it’s a home party.

What do I need to provide for you?
I will need access to power outlets and a microwave for melting the chocolate. (I can bring a microwave if needed). I will bring a cable reel and a 4-way adaptor.

Can you do a party at a discounted rate?
No, sorry – the price is the best I can offer in the current climate due to the required resources that are used. I also have petrol to consider and a member of staff to pay, which are factored into my price. This is not negotiable.